Lawyer fined more than Rs. 1.18 by consumer court

Typically, one really does not hear of lawyers being fined for any sort of consumer malpractices. So it was surprising to read this case where a lawyer in Chandigarh was fined for deficient services, something that caused losses to his client – when the client complained to a consumer forum, the consumer court agreed with the client and awarded damages to the extent of loss as well as a penalty. Typically, in India, penalties are not to the extent that they are in western countries, but we are slowly advancing towards greater protection of consumer rights and penalizing whenever consumer services are deficient (link to article):

For deficiency in rendering satisfactory services to a litigant, UT consumer forum directed a local lawyer to pay Rs 1.18 lakh, the loss caused, along with Rs 50,000 as compensation and Rs 13, 500 as fee besides expenses to complainant Sunil Kumar, a Hoshiarpur resident. The forum also asked the lawyer to shell out Rs 5,000 as litigation cost.

This was a simple case where the lawyer provided advice that was misleading, and then did not provide correct information. As a result, the client suffered financial loss and accordingly filed for deficiency in service.

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