Justice slow – Supreme Court has 50,000 plus pending cases

There is a universal phrase that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. But the fact remains that in India, the pace of the judicial system is extremely slow; typical cases can take more than a decade to move through the judicial system and this is just for the first judgment. With the appeal system allowing many […]


What went wrong for BJP

The results of Lok sabha elections are out and it clearly showed the next government structure at one look unlike many people anticipitated.The speculation of hung parliament with no clear one party with majority and regional parties playing imp’ortant role got over in […]

Drinking and driving: how to check the problem

Drinking and driving is a universal problem, with different countries having different ways of checking / controlling this habit. A sizable percentage of accidents are known to happen after drinking and driving, and countries have different levels of enforcement about this habit. So, for example, if you take the case of countries such as Singapore […]