Democracy – The Indian Way

The “dance of democracy” has begun yet again in India. For next few weeks, the absurd of theatre in New Delhi is shut down temporarily and is awaiting new actors to act out the same script. Instead the drama will shift to the far-flung and forgotten villages, to the nooks and corners of the towns. The seasoned actors will try the same pitch again, probably in new flavors of the day. The new ones will ape the old ones. And in between you will have odd bunch of intellectuals, mainly in large cities and metros – who believe they want to make a difference and register as candidates. At the end of the day, they will have spent their quota of social consciousness, and can now revert to their original professions.


The new parliament will in all probability be hung again. It will probably have reduced presence of the national parties, and increased smattering of regional players. The horse-trading will start again and psephology pundits will have a field day on ubiquitous news channels – with breaking news and analysis.

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