Jalayagnam: What’s in it for Telangana?

When you have a massive programme like Jalayagnam, it’s difficult to relate to its scope unless you realise that its benefits are going to reach your village or town. For one thing, the numbers involved in Jalayagnam are huge, even mind-boggling: just the ongoing major irrigation projects are going to cost Rs 155561.23 crore.

If you add to this the cost of medium projects, flood bank work, modernization and contemplated projects, you are talking about 182517.27 crore. That’s about 20% of India’s annual budget.Some 81 projects – 43 major, 28 medium and 10 modernisation works – are being attempted at one go. When the programme is completed, some 11498354 acres of irrigation acreage will be created. Big numbers.

But how does this benefit Telangana? Here’s a run down of the Telangana districts covered by Jalayagnam. Even if your village is not directly included its sweep, it’s spinoff benefits are likely to sweep you off your feet.


Although Adilabad served by the Godavari and the Pranahita, only about 15 per cent of its farm land is irrigated. The irrigation profile of the district has not changed much in 60 years. All that is about to change. Adilabad’s stake in Jalayagnam lies in the following projects:

Project Cost (Rs crore) Acres Completion
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 156500 2014
Neelwai project 90 13000 2010
Ralivagu Project 33 6000 2009
Gollavagu Project 83 9500 2010
Peddavagu 124 15000 2010
Komaram Bheem 274 24500 2010
Mathadivagu 50 8500 2010
Gaddena-Suddavagu 37 10000 2010


Only about 45 per cent of Nizamabad’s cultivated area is served by irrigation but it is better off than Adilabad on account of the Nizamsagar project, built before Independence, and the Sriramsagar project. Clearly a lot remains to be done and Jalayagnam seems to be the answer.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
Alisagar 261 Completed
Guthpa 204 Completed
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 304500 2014
C Hanumanthareddy 55 11627 2009
Lendi 202 22000 2011


The Sriramsagar project has done wonders to irrigation in Karimnagar district, but a lot more needs to be done.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
SRSP flood flow 3736 130000 2011
Chokka Rao 8789 14100 2011
Yellampally 3177 374900 2011
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 171449 2014
Kaleshwaram 632 40000 2012


Medak is poorly served by irrigation projects, with only about 11 per cent of its cultivated area irrigated. Not a single major project has been built in this district since Independence. A lot depends on Jalayagnam for the people of Medak.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
Yellampally 3177 374900 2011
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 519152 2014
Singur 90 40000 2011


Warangal falls in the Godavari-Krishna basin but only about 28 per cent of its agricultural land has irrigation. No major project has ever been in this district despite a lot of lip service by successive governments. Jalayagnam promises to change the agricultural profile of the district.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
Sriramsagar-II 830 114000 2010
SRSP flood flow 3736 130000 2011
J Chokka Rao 8789 456650 2011
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 11863 2014
Kanthanapally 10409 2014


Contrary to popular perception, Khammam is not rich in irrigation. In fact, it is among the worse-off districts. Only about 12 per cent of its farm land is irrigated. Khammam too has a lot at stake in Jalayagnam.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
Sriramsagar-II 830 69000 2010
Dummugudem 1681 200000 2012
Indira Sagar 1824 136100 2012
Kanthanapally 10409 2014
Modikuntavagu 124 13591 2010
Kinnerasani canals 36 10000 2010


There have been no major irrigation projects built in Nalgonda, which lies in the heart of the state. Only three medium irrigation projects serve this district.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
AMRP 5159 270000 2010
Sriramsagar-II 830 257000 2010
SRSP flood flow 3736 30000 2011
J Chokka Rao 8789 150000 2011
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 229832 2014
Kanthanapally 10409 2014


Only about a quarter of the farm land in this district is under irrigation. Perennial drought plagues Mahbubnagar, resulting in the phenomenon of migration. In Telangana, Mahbubnagar stands to gain the most from Jalayagnam.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
Kalwakurthy 2990 340000 2010
Bhima 2300 203000 2010
Nettempadu 1428 200000 2009
Koilsagar 359 38250 2009


Only about 10 per cent of the farm land is irrigated. It has just two medium irrigation project serving it. Jalayagnam has one huge project in store for the farmers of Rangareddy, the Pranahitha-Chevella.

Project Cost (cr) Acres Completion
Pranahitha-Chevella 38500 246704 2014


Being an entirely urban district, Hyderabad has little to expect from Jalayagnam, except the diversion of Godavari waters to ease its drinking water shortage.

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