myneta.info – Information about candidates standing for election

This election (the Indian 2009 election) has seen a much more pronounced push for knowing more about candidates, what their past record, what their wealth levels are. The concept is that an informed decision makes citizens more aware, and if it forces voters to think about the choices they are making, then all the effort […]

Why the Taliban seems to be rolling through the countryside

It has always puzzled a large number of people as to why the Taliban seem to be generating a lot of support in the Pakistani countryside. After all, a group that believes in a harsh interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence and acts to implement their beliefs should not be succeeding at this rate. Even in a […]

Swine flu getting serious – started from Mexico and is spreading now

For many years now, doctors and health specialists around the globe have been warning of a mass pandemic that could sweep the globe, involving the movement of bird flu to humans in a form that modern medicines cannot control and which become a huge health disaster over the world. From time to time, bird flu […]