Passenger paid compensation for freak accident while reaching the terminal

This would almost certainly be classified as a freak accident, but it happened and somebody needed to be held responsible. What happened ? Well, a flier, not anticipating any problems or mishap during a regular flight safely made it off the airplane, but suffered an accident from the bus that takes the passengers to the terminal from the plane. He fractured 2 of his fingers, and the airport doctor apparently did not even detect this injury. The passenger had to make his own arrangements for his treatment, no thanks to the airline; a by-product of this was also that he had to miss several of his meetings. When he took this complaint to the state consumer forum in Delhi, the forum held that the airline was responsible for safety, and could not have said to have done its job well (link to article):

Sinha alleged when he approached the doctor on duty at Delhi airport, the matter was taken very casually and he was given a painkiller as first aid. The pain, however, become intolerable and Sinha had to consult a doctor at Diwan Chand Satya Pal Aggarwal X-Ray Clinic where he was advised x-ray. Later, he had to be treated at Fortis Hospital where his two fingers were plastered for three weeks. He also had to undergo physiotherapy. On account of serious injuries, he had to cancel his meetings in Delhi and later in Mumbai.
Quashing the plea, commission president Justice J D Kapoor said that the responsibility of passenger’s safety rests with the airline from the time he boards the aircraft to the time he reaches the terminal.

For frequent travelers or non-frequent travelers, a person almost always follows the dictates of personnel, whether on the ground or on the flight. Coaches available to take passengers to the terminal from the plane are also filled on the instructions of the airline, and passengers have very little discretion in this area. Given this, it is appropriate that the airline has been held responsible.

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