The Satyam case: major fraud

India has seen corporate scandals in the past, but never one of this magnitude. A software company, touted as a success story, the 4th largest software company in India and one that services around 1/3rd of the Fortune 500 companies, the events of the past one month have been a total shock. They have called […]

Omar Abdullah brings forth a new arena in Kashmir ?

The Jammu and Kashmir issue remains complicated. The state was signed into the Indian Union in difficult circumstances, at a time when Pakistani invaders wanted to conquer the state for eventual integration into Pakistan. At the time, the Maharajah of the state finally changed his stance from trying to be independent and signed the instrument […]

Consumer: Forum rules against ICICI for witholding loan conditions

For some time now, consumer forums have been ruling on unfair practices carried out by banks, with ICICI Bank being one of the banks having been penalized in the past for various actions that have gone against consumer practices. In this case, a forum ruled against the bank after it was disclosed that the bank […]