Highways development in India slows down

The subject of this post can be captured using the word ‘Critical’. Are the highways projects being undertaken by the National Highway Authority of India critical for the development of the country ? And does the current pace of development so bad that it can be termed critical. The answer is yes to both questions, […]

Satyam in the dock over corporate governance

If you have been reading the financial papers for the past 2 days, you would have realized that suddenly something seemed to be happening at Satyam, and if you were more interested, you would have read that suddenly Satyam seemed to be in the eye of a storm regarding issues of corporate governance. It all […]

India Economy: Short term pain..Long Term?

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The articles below outline issues which will determine future prospects…

Global economic conditions are not getting better No industry is immune The Government is under a microscope as it deals with the Economic and Security crises.

India’s growth has largely been a result of Government getting out of the way of […]