Indian Politics: Ignorance without Limits

Indian Politics: Ignorance without Limits

#fullpost{display:none;}I have read the nonsense of the Congress party President for many years…a figure-head to unite the party is a good job, a symbol sort of like the monarchy in Britain. However, the Queen has not got into her head that she can run government or create policy.  A dignified role, a symbol and at times some reminder of morality and ethics.

There is however no limit to the ignorance of the Congress party president….Sonia Gandhi seeks to capitalize on crisis…she is today lauding the primitive, and despicable economic policies of Mrs Indra Gandhi.  The lady who presided over India in the 70’s and 80’s has many accomplishments to be proud of..however, economic policy  during her time is best left in the dustbin of history.

But the Congress President has chosen to reach into this dustbin and parade the garbage by wearing it on her head.  Well, it does not improve the fragrance.  Has this lady forgotten the ignominy of 1991 when India had to fly gold to London to cover debts…no one was willing to lend a paise to our country… 25 years of backward economic policies had reduced this great nation to begging. The great lady, with no economic sense, copied the Russians..even the Russians admit their folly. Former PM Vajpayee has eleoquently expressed the view of modern and development oriented India:

We have been on the wrong side of history for 50 years…enough is enough.

I guess it is not enough for the Congress party…their President would like us to be back in the woods again…after all 50 years of their rule in India reduced us to begging…now that we are resurgent, the Congress seems to prefer the old days.

Never lady, never…we are not going backwards.  Their is a limit to our ignorance even if their is no limit to yours.

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