Can India’s Gen Next really make it happen to do something like RDB (Rang De Basanti)?

16th Nov 2008,

These days, we hear lot of praises about young culture and their energy level, their fast paced life…. & in that too, mainly Indian youths is in limelight. Expectations are obviously high that they will take India to a different stage and i agree, thats not impossible. We are doing good, infact great, WE think. We are earning as much as thrice to what my father is getting even now. Our lifestyle is getting changed, from ok to good, from good to best, life couldn’t be best anymore, again WE think. ‘WE’ here refers to around 90% of peoples including my friends, colleagues, neighbours, who hardly care about whatever happening in surrounding, in society. But i don’t agree that this is best way of living life.

Sometimes it seems to me, that day is not very far, when history will repeat again and I feel very disheartened to say that its not for something good cause because the way things are shaping up since past few years, we could see INDIA again ruled by some other superpower (country) very soon, like England did it in past, but main reason to worry is that this time violence and other activities being spreaded everywhere not from someone outside India (some other country) but from insiders & this is a shameful act!!

But the biggest embarrassment for us is that, this would be a shameful result of nothing but cheap level Indian Politics. Everybody is aware, the way incidents are happening since past few years. The way more & more peoples are becoming victims of politician’s corrupted minds, to get or sustain their power and get hold of budget passed worth Crores of Rupees, out of which major part goes into their foreign accounts. Quite recent incidents are:

-> Riots by MNS members against North Indians and peoples from Bihar
-> BJP-VHP (NDA) much fierce attitude towards minority (Muslims)
-> Thakre speech in SAAMNA Newsletter regarding Hindu suicide bombers
-> Number of MPs facing trials for crimes
-> Trust vote: Cash Display

Now, just because, it’s being done by any politically party, or its senior leaders and its members, the big question is:
-> Why it’s not getting followed up properly?
-> What is central government doing?
-> What is stopping Election commission to cancel the registration of such parties, which promote enmity and hatred among masses, on basis of religion, caste,language and that too, after a number of incidents had taken places?
-> What government is waiting for? For something serious to happen or government and police also support this communalism and castism?

And just because of zero action by police/government, these types of cases don’t stop and continued to happen one after another.
Sometimes, it seems to me, like, we felt so much helpless and don’t have any second option and that’s why, we surrender to them (corrupt minds) and we give them responsibility for development of country, law making etc., irrespective of knowing that they themselves are law breakers and not going to do anything either for society or country, out of which many of them are even charged under murder case, extortion, kidnapping cases.

But WHO is responsible for that happening almost everyday? Should it be that particular politician? Or Central government body? Or Police/Courts?

As per my thinking, out of all options written above, no one should be held responsible. Because guilty includes me, you, all the peoples, who are nothing but just mute spectators in the crowd, who are always ready to give suggestions. “Humein yeh karna chahiye, wo karna chahiye, corruption badh gaya hai, ye Politician acha hai, kharab hai…….” But when time to act comes, everybody either disappeared or become mute spectator. Why? Because as per our mindset, Politics is not a good field to enter. It’s dirty and maximum peoples are corrupted there and because of that, even some good young leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Omar Abdullah, etc also gone unnoticed. And perfect quote for this is, “Ek machli saare taalab ko ganda kar deti hai”.

We are just wasting our time on planning and planning and planning… 50-55 saal se planning hi chal rahi hai. Everybody knows that what happen behind closed doors of municipal corporation, but noone dare to open his mouth. This is not helplessness, this is cowardness.

I wonder, what would happen, if this goes on and as a result, our country, which is famous for its unity among masses, culture, ethics etc., got divided into number of parts, sub parts and so on because of some politicians who don’t mind dividing and promoting hatred among peoples of India. As a result of this, there is no doubt that it would be a golden chance for OUTSIDERS (enemies), who are waiting this to happen, and will definitely take advantage of the situation and will try to get a hold further to de-stabilize our country, and promote all terrorist activities. It would be a HUGE shame for us because reason for that, happening in future, would surely not be the government, but we all peoples would be held responsible because we have never raised our voice against anything and gave all the powers for development and planning of this country to these criminals. I pray that this won’t happen but we need more than just prayers.

I felt so much angry sometimes, that if I have a pistol that time in my hand, I won’t think twice or mind to pull off the trigger and shot all of these corrupt chaps and one by one, remove all this gutter of Indian politics. Seriously speaking, if I am not able to give/do anything to/for this country, then, I surely would pray to GOD, to give me a chance to finish at least 3-4 criminal politicians, before I leave this world and this way, I would like to give my contribution. I won’t mind whatever the result. Yeah, something like RDB, but it would be something real and also it would be last option, if nothing else worked. But, I would like to do it without thinking of consequences.

I just want to finish this, thinking, that I would be very happy, if even one person woke up after reading this article and pledge to raise voice against corruption and all evils.

“If you are not a part of the solution, then you yourself are the problem.” Shiv Khera

So stop giving suggestions and ACT now else, believe me, it will be too late.

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