The Hindu terrorist and current investigations

For the first time in the country, the term ‘Hindu terrorist’ has come into common usage. It all started with the Malegaon blasts of September 29, outside the office of SIMI where 6 people died in the explosion, and many others were injured. As it turns out, this was not a case where terrorists, inspired by the word of radical Islam, had committed the crime. While the blast is under probe, all information that has been revealed so far by the ATS, and by the press, is that this was in the nature of a retaliatory attack (retaliation for the bomb attacks carried out by terrorists inspired by radical thought). While investigation is being carried out, this incident and the investigation has already led to a huge amount of hue and cry.
For once, both the BJP and the Shiv Sena are on the defensive. One of the main accused, the Sadhavi, Pragya Singh Thakur, was apparently a fiery speaker who was capable of rousing the spirits of people; incidentally, she was also a former national executive president of the Durga Vahini, and has been shown in the same photo as Rajnath Singh and the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister. The BJP has disowned her and her actions, claiming that this was done after she left the organization (and this part may be true). However, many constituents of the Sangh Parivaar are not happy with this and are pitching for the BJP to support the accused. The Shiv Sena is in total support of the accused (one can always consider the Shiv Sena to have a sense of irrationality in their actions).

This is where the BJP should have been a party with a difference. Having a plank of National Security would mean that the party should stand firm against anyone who indulges in matters such as riots and bomb blasts. In this case, the refusal of the party to take a firm stand against the alleged bomb plotters means that the actions of the party are similar to the actions of the Congress, Samajwadi Party and are personally very disappointing. No matter what the reason, there cannot be any justification for supporting any brand of terrorists, whether they be terrorist inspired by radical Islamic theology or Hindu terrorists inspired by some concept of revenge. The bigger worry (based on current police reports) is that a senior army officer is involved, against their duty of protecting the nation:

Public prosecutor Ajay Misar said in the court that Purohit had attended most of the meetings organised by others accused at Kashmir, Pune, Bhopal, Nashik, and Deolali. “Since he is a senior army officer, he could have been the source for the RDX used in the bomb. We also have evidence that he distributed money to several people through his organisation through cheques and cash. The financial transactions are through hawala as well,” said Misar, adding, “Purohit also trained several youths in bomb making.”
Those arrested also include retired Major Ramesh Upadhyay and former Durga Vahini national executive president sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. The ATS completed all the formalities regarding the arrest of Lt Col Purohit — the first instance of an armyman being booked for a terror act — on Tuesday evening. Purohit came in contact with Upadhyay when he was posted at Nashik as liaison unit officer. Sources said he used the Nashik stint to fraternise with the extremists in various radical Hindu outfits and to draw them into Abhinav Bharat fold.

It is incumbent to nip such attacks and planning in the bud. The country already faces enough problems from terrorists and separatists in many corners of the country without having more people join this front (and there are terrorists who are Hindu as well – the ULFA, Naxalities, and many others). The BJP and other parties should take the lead in cutting such misguided people from getting public support and that there is no sympathy for them. Else, there is no justification in the BJP blaming people for showing support for the terrorists killed in the Jamia Nagar shootout in Delhi.

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  • how much time has it taken to frame this word “hindu terrorism” and compare how long did we take to frame this word “muslim terrorism” . Don’t you think that we are living in a pseudosecular country where hindus can be taken for granted. secularism is not taught to us by the west but we were always secular.it took soo long for the Americans to accept a black persident and in India how many times muslims have attained such posts.how much do you think the hindu community has to drain itself to prove it self secular.
    cristian conversions and muslim jehhad , how do you think the hindus should react. are’nt these ‘atrocities’ to this community.
    Are you able to grill the muslim terrorist who flee to Bangladesh and Pakistan. WE are grilling these people (pragya singh and others) because they do not have support from other countries. should people not see the reason behind why these act of terrorism from hindu groups are happening.I think it is because Hindus are taken for granted in this country by other communities and ofcourse pseudosecular hindus themselves.

  • Leaders take pledge during a student’s rally–
    The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate L.K. Advani, Karnataka CM B.S. Yeddyurappa, and other leaders take pledge during a student’s rally against terrorism in Bengaluru on Saturday.

    Visit to –http://bjpkarnataka.org

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