Making municipal services pay for negligence

One of the biggest issues we face in our cities as to today is the problem with regard to our sorry state of municipal services. The level of services varies from city to city, but some of the biggest problems that people currently face are examples of sorry state of sewage and cleanliness, poor condition […]

United States: Deficits, the other side

The conversations about the United States economy always carries a feeling of impending doom. This despite an economy which today generates US 50,000 per capita GDP. United States is an unbelievably rich country with net worth of about US 60 trillion and annual GDP of US 14 trillion +.

Yet the conversation is always about […]

Delhi hospital fined for improper diagnosis

Modern medical care can be very expensive. We have managed to push the boundaries of medical care much further in the recent years, and are able to diagnose diseases much better than just a couple of decades ago. As a part of this, we have much better equipment, much better diagnostic techniques, and a much […]