Getting compensation from airline for delayed landing

This is a consumer court judgment that will surely be appealed. Imagine the world of a person whose father died in a separate city (home town), and he had to rush home through connecting flights. And then the flight got delayed in landing, which means that the connecting flight was missed. He could not afford to miss the funeral, so he had to hire a taxi to rush home, costing him an additional Rs. 3500 for the taxi. Once he had completed the necessary formalities at the funeral, he wanted to know as to why the flight was late, especially when he was earlier assured that he would get the connecting flight:

Landing later than the scheduled time at Delhi airport has cost dear to Jet Lite. UT consumer forum directed the airlines to pay Rs 5,000 as compensation to Dr Mahesh Hukmani of Sector 19, who missed his connecting flight to Jaipur. He was to attend his father’s funeral in Jaipur on February 4, 2008.
Claiming that due to delay he had to hire a taxi for Rs 3,500 to reach Jaipur, Hukmani moved city’s consumer court. He added that on his return, when he contacted Jet Lite officials, they failed to give any satisfactory reply. Jet Lite in its reply pleaded that delay in departure occurred due to a technical snag, which was detected by the pilot, and in order to avoid any mishappening, the flight took around 40 minutes to remove the snag.

The airline would surely appeal against this ruling, since multiple low cost airlines get delayed often for no apparent reason, and when you ask their staff, they are unable to give any convincing reasons. More people would use such a ruling to push for their claims.

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