The ongoing Amarnath land transfer agitation in Jammu

The current turmoil in Jammu shows no sign of letting up. Part of the turmoil has been scripted, with the BJP and other parties such as the Shiv Sena also using this as an opportunity to demonstrate against both the State Government (previously headed by a Congress Chief Minister and now by the representative of the Central Congress Government), and against the Central Government. However, as of now, the agitation seems to have caught on a rage of its own, and the turmoil over there is threatening the peace in the region.
What is the background of this agitation ? Some time back, the State Governor (as head of the Amarnath Yatra Board) proposed that some land be transferred to the Yatra Board so as to facilitate the building of some pre-fabricated structures for the benefit of pilgrims. The conditions over there are not very easy, and building such facilities would make a lot of sense. However, once this decision was ratified by the State Government, the crisis started. There were agitations in Srinagar against this move, with many calling this a move to do some population shifts. Soon, the situation began to be seen as an anti-Hindu move, and Islamists started to take advantage, marking the resurgence of pro-Independence and pro-Pakistan slogans.

After this agitation threatened to shut down the Valley, the State Government shifted stands, and decided to reverse the transfer of land, portraying a Congress Government as again buckling down to pressure and taking a decision that was against the interest of Hindus. Historically, Jammu has always suffered in the state – Jammu and Kashmir has always been composed of 3 major regions, Jammu, Ladakh and the Valley. Jammu is hindu-majority, Ladakh is Buddhist, and the valley is muslim majority. In all these years, there has been a feeling that because of the need to keep the sensitivities of the only muslim majority state in the country, Jammu has always suffered second-grade treatment. It seems that the move to make this issue as a major issue in Jammu (and many other parts of India) is able to use this feeling.
What can be done now ? It’s very tricky. The Government in its current state will not be able to again reverse itself and grant the land to the Amarnath Board, and it will do all it can to please with the BJP and the other parties to withdraw the agitation in Jammu.

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  • i think the situation is really critical. the sangharsh samitee in jammu will not stop the protests and govt. is not going to take any decision. this time the hindu majority in jammu has really got hurt by this. but at the same time govt. can also not take any decision in benefit of jammu people bcz then it will become an international issue. For having kashmir in our country, these compromises have 2 b done. acc. 2 me jammu and kashmir should be divided in 2 states and ladakh should bcum a u.t.

  • Zahir

    bjp and other communal parties have taken full advantage of the situation. they have almost succeded in repeating Gujrat 2002.
    moreover the voice of common people has been subdued. there is no sms facility and you hardly get internet access. how would the nation possibly know what the people want??

  • […] morning when the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) declared nationwide protests and chakka-jam for Amarnath land transfer. This resulted into heavy traffic jams on the Delhi roads. VHP activists started their protest at […]

  • Praveen

    I strongly feel that the larger issue is the policies of Central Govt. which are dividing the nation .Rather than offering benefits or incentives to needy ones, govt. does it on communal lines causing resentment and breeding hatred. A glaring example of inactiveness of this govenmen is a recent incident where no action is taken against those who even burn national flag publicly or hoist Pakistan’s national flag in Indian territory.

    Why do we have national minority commission but no commission for underprivileged citizens of this country.

    If our so called political leaders are not at all concerned about the implications of their policies and design all the policies with vote being focal point, this all is bound to happen. It is only the beginning, just imagine what is going to happen say 10 years down the line.

    Other day I read a statement from National Security Advisor, that around 800 terrorist camps are operative in India itself. What the hell, what is he doing, why can the Govt destroy them. What is he waiting for, some more serial bomb blasts.

    Let us we all join hands and fight against these so called political leaders and force them to mend their policies.

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