Consumer Commission pulls up lab for delayed test report

Today’s world is a world of speed. If you remember previous times, in case of a medical problem, you would go to a hospital and give your samples over there for check-up; and you would get your results later (maybe the next day, but mostly after a few days). However, as medical science improved, the area of providing quality medical diagnosis based on samples (blood, fluids, stool, etc) improved, with results coming in much faster than previously. In addition, modern collection companies such as Dr. Lal Pathlabs, and the Ranbaxy SRL Labs are now spread all over major cities, decentralizing the collection facilities by spreading them ever few kilometers, with the quality of results of these tests also being of good quality. However, as the incidence of testing by specialist sample testing companies grows, our dependence on them also grows, and they increasing start entering the realm of consumer complaints and dissatisfaction:

NEW DELHI: The state consumer commission has pulled up a speciality laboratory for inordinate delay in sending a patient’s report to a hospital, as a result of which he died. The lab report for a CMV test — carried out for viral detection — was crucial for the treatment of a 56-year-old patient, who was awaiting a renal transplantation. It took the laboratory 25 days to send the report, by which time the patient died. Now, the commission has asked the lab, Speciality Ranbaxy Limited, to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation to the victim’s family.

Once companies enter life-critical areas, then they need to be clear that they can literally be responsible for life and death decisions; and accordingly need to be prepared for adverse customer reactions if their responses are not upto the desired quality levels.

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