The criticality of auditing social programmes and violence

It is an established fact that a significant majority of money devoted to social programmes, such as the National Employment Guarantee, Anti-poverty programmes, targeted food subsidy, and many others, are heavily flawed in terms of the actual money that reach the poor. There have studies over the past, there have been admissions by the Government […]

Consumer Commission pulls up lab for delayed test report

Today’s world is a world of speed. If you remember previous times, in case of a medical problem, you would go to a hospital and give your samples over there for check-up; and you would get your results later (maybe the next day, but mostly after a few days). However, as medical science improved, the […]

Court castigates police for being a destroyer

In India, the police are still governed by a set of rules that were set up in British times; then the aim of the police was to implement the policies of the ruler against a ruled nation. Looking at the current situation, one would not be faulted for thinking that something similar is the current […]