What perturbs us ..

Politics may be just retaining power, giving someone benefit others not, but core issue is being passionate about the society, about people, their right or wrong perception.
With the summer heat claiming lives and becoming unbearable each day, the sun firing heat as never before makes me feel where are heading for ? The global warming that we hear will change life for next few thousand year is knocking at the door. With the economy where the rich has more chance to multiple his wealth in short span and the rest will be just spectators , onlookers to these glaze of wealth.
The person who have excess to surplus wealth, surplus oppurtunitiny have more chance to flourish. But as person get used to excess wealth, security of life, he becomes lazy and wants the system to run in that manner for the rest of the life.
Time changes everything , it creates opportunities for the struggling life and changes the life who seemed to have smelled success in life. Change and Time both go hand in hand.

India with a growing population and going for material well being to its fullest . There is chance of resource scarcity be land , water or even the air we breath.
The spiralling food prices has lead us to a question are we going towards a time where for food people had to fight with other ? The rising population and scarcity of resource can lead to such a event. We have to really conserve our resouces for the well being of ourselves our future generations. But how do we match todays need with the conservation activities. A market driven society tends to fuel consumption, make people consume more than what is needed. An extra, fuel consuming vehicle consumes energy adds pollution but gets in only because you have extra money and its gives you a status in society. We are heading towards a society where to preach the need of conservation an school ac system had to switched of voluntarily to conserve electricity and teach students that by giving up some extra facility we can fulfill the basic need of some fellow people. Material well being is required but not the cost of greater society suffering from its outcome.
When a company invest in a telecom infrastructure project it provides security to its top management knowning fully well it may perform or not it had to pump more money to sustain the investment. Jobs are created , there is pressure to perform and grow as growth is the only way that can secure the invested money and the jobs created. But at the base the worker in the company doesnot taste growth, feeling frustrated whereas the top management works in a relaxed mind because of the monetary security. Perform or perish which is jingle for growth oriented private company at times make people at the base frustrated seeing that the top management sleeping over company well being while they toil hard.

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  • These are very pertinent points, Shiladitya. At some point, we need to worry about where society is taking us. Already, doctors tell that the concept of “don’t be santusht” (don’t be satisfied) is causing a lot of strain, since people always want to catch you with their neighbors and richer people. Not being able to do so quickly causes immense stress.

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