Airlines need to refund money within 7 days of cancellation

In India, low cost airlines came up with a way to make more money. If a passenger booked a ticket and proceeded to travel on the airline, then well and good. However, if the consumer decided to cancel the ticket, then this would be a good way to make some more money. So do 2 […]

Airline fined Rs. 50k for improper ticket cancelation

In the Indian air travel market, there are a number of low cost carriers (also known as discount airlines) that charge very low fares (or rather, they announce low fares, and then charge extra for fuel surcharge and taxes). If you have booked a ticket, and go through with you flight on the low fare, […]

National Consumer Helpline – Toll Free No 1800 11 4000

“National Consumer Helpline” has been set in the University of Delhi with support from the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and with financial assistance from Consumer Welfare Fund. A tool free number -1800 11 4000 (available from MTNL and BSNL phones) has been setup for this purpose. The project recognizes the need of […]