The end of the BRT project ?

The Delhi Traffic Police must be feeling vindicated. For the many months now in which the BRT corridor design and construction has been in progress, they have opposed the whole concept of segregating special lanes as a non-workable concept given the volume of traffic and the tendency of Delhi’s drivers to ignore the needed discipline as something not applicable on them.
The Government and experts have been advocating a dedicated bus corridor as has been used in many cities around the world, but have always ignored advice about adapting the corridor to local conditions. The result has been there for all to see; the difficulty is that there needs to be encouragement for having more buses and other mass public transport on the road. So now the bus corridor conditions have been sought to be changed for the extensions:

The changed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) design, designated Pilot B, that’s now being proposed between Moolchand and Delhi Gate, is in effect only a thinly veiled version of the existing pattern of traffic flow on all roads in the Capital. Under Pilot B, which will be implemented between Moolchand and Delhi Gate, it is being proposed that buses would ply on the extreme left, next to the footpath and cycle track. There will be no concrete medians segregating the bus lane from the MV lanes, which will now have three lanes for other traffic. The road space for buses will be painted.

‘‘What the government is doing is reverting back to the existing system. So how is it then a corridor for buses? Maintaining discipline on the corridor will be next to impossible, considering the fact that even on a corridor with concrete dividers, vehicles go over them to enter the bus lanes,” said an official.

And the Government is currently proposing that the existing corridor between Moolchand and Ambedkar Nagar remains as it is, in a chaotic condition. Everything that the Government has done so far has been unable to solve the traffic problems (in fact, any reduction in traffic happens only when people start avoiding the corridor). Does this actually mean that the Delhi Government has given up the concept of a BRT kind of system ?

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  • It is amazing how majority of people fail to understand that “convenience of road users” is the convenience of ALL the road users, not just those travelling in cars and other personalised auto vehicles. For the first time in our traffic planning the pedestrians and cyclists have been taken cognizance of in allotting the road space. Also the fact that a bus carries well over 70 to 100 needs to be appreciated before one starts throwing brickbats at BRT. While the defects and problems in BRT certainly need to be corrected, how rational is it to damn the whole concept which is proving to be very beneficial in many cities around the globe?

  • The concept cannot just be copied and installed without worrying about customizing it to local conditions. Further, about accomodating the majority of road users, the road is used by vehicles and not by people. Unless we outlaw cars and other means of transport, it is a false ideal to suddenly block a third of the road for a vehicle that occupies 2% of space and hope that people will suddenly stop using their vehicles.
    And to top it all, there are marshals who are not fully trained, lack of enforcement and no education, and we are at a recipe for disaster.

  • Nitn

    HCBS aka BRT is useless it just encourage traffic jams. Even the people who use them are against it coz travel time has increased considerably (increased stoppage time)and to top it there are not enough no of buses i travel daily by it to travel just 5.8 km it took 40 minutes by BUS and by Car 1.5 hour at non peak hours.moreover this corridor was made mainly because to minimize accidents ,but in whole life time(Till now 9-sept-08) of BRT over 10 major accident have happened in which over 10 people are kill in the corridor by the buses only! and many small accident remain go unreported.so i think its useless to say that people traveling by bus are happy .crores of tax payer money has gone down the pocket of supporter of BRT.I am astonished that IIT delhi (proffesor MOhan- he is total jerk) make a design in which free left turn are blocked ….just wait and watch till diwali 08 it will total chaos the whole 5.8km will be choked

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