SC reverses High Court ordered increase in traffic fines

People who drive in Delhi know the current bad case of Delhi’s traffic obeying drivers – there is not a single rule that you can expect drivers or pedestrians to obey; whether this means stopping before the zebra crossing, no talking on the mobile when driving, no drunken driving, stopping at the red light and […]

Congress insincere about Women’s reservation Bill

The Women’s Reservation Bill is something that has been debated on and off for over a decade now, and no Government has been able to bring in this law due to the immense controversy over this issue. The BJP was unable to do so, and this Congress / UPA Government has not been able to […]

The end of the BRT project ?

The Delhi Traffic Police must be feeling vindicated. For the many months now in which the BRT corridor design and construction has been in progress, they have opposed the whole concept of segregating special lanes as a non-workable concept given the volume of traffic and the tendency of Delhi’s drivers to ignore the needed discipline […]