Supreme Court allows OBC reservation in education

When the Government decided to go around the Supreme Court ruling that disallowed reservation for SC/ST’s in private unaided educational institutions, the Congress would never have visualized the can of worms that got opened. In a sign of intra-party power plays (or the desperation of a neglected man to make his mark), the education minister […]

Delhi discom fined for bad customer behavior

Even before the privatization of power distribution in Delhi, there were plenty of complaints regarding shoddy customer behavior by the staff of the then Government electricity arm – DESU. It was expected that after the work was handed over to private companies, things would better. Some customers reported improved behavior, but there were still a […]

Convenience of paying utility bills in Bangalore

How many times have you dreaded the prospect of paying a utility bill. Where the electricity or water is provided by a Government department, the prospect of queuing up outside a dingy office, with a long queue and in the hot sun is one that most people shirk from doing, until absolutely necessary. Hence the […]