Indo Israel relation & Barak Missile deal – A real shame for the country

India, a country famous for its independence fight against the colonial powers of British forces for the long duration of 150 years and at last got its independence in 1947, first outrightly rejected the issue of recognition of State of Israel, which came into existence just after a year after India’s independence i.e. 1948. Indian premier of that time, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and its first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad with the father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi unitedly rejected the move of Zionist Regime to create a new country of Israel on the lands of already existing country of Palestine.

The stand of India against the formation of Zionist state was firm till the year 1990 and the government of Congress in the Republic of India was the front runner in holding this banner of non-recognition. But the same government after the death of its leader Rajiv Gandhi when handled by then premier Mr. P. V. NarsimhaRao starts working for the platform the recognition of Zionist State and the embassy of Israel came into existence on the Indian soil in the year 1991. With this move, the congress government started working closely with Israel in many fields of defense, spying, launching satellite and many suspicious things like training individuals and police officials in-terms of riotings and implementing communal genocide as was the case with Gujrat riots.

During all this period, the so called, secular government of India, who believes in existence of all religion on common ground of freedom of expression and freedom of observing any faith or religion on the soil of lands showed biased angle towards the particular faith and joint hands with Israel and got ready to work with Zionist regime. This step of Government ruled by Congress was taken forward by the BJP, which is more communally biased. They finalized many such deals with Israel in the field of defense and Barak missile deal was heading the mostly favored deal.

Barak (the Hebrew word for Lightning) is an Israeli surface-to-air missile designed to be used as a point-defense missile on warships, defending against aircraft, anti-ship missiles, and UAVs.

Barak was developed in a joint venture between Israel Aircraft Industries and RAFAEL and is based on RAFAEL’s vertically launched missile.The Barak SAM was at the heart of the Indian Barak Missile Deal Scandal involving multi-million dollar bribes exposed by the Tehelka sting operation in 2000.

Israeli government has given Billions of Dollars as a bribe to Indian officials of BJP government and naval officers and the case is still going on against them and the investigation is handled by CBI.

This is proved that these Israeli components has bribed the elements involved in this deal and individuals got bribes upto Rs. 400 crores. Israeli components has given bribe because there are lots of loop holes in Barak missile system and which is not able to handle the Israel Hizbullah war and is proved to be a failure system, still Indian government currently handled by UPA (Congress) is ready to go ahead with this proposal of Advanced Barak Missile System with Israel.

This issue was raised by the Member of Parliament from Left front Mr. Yechury in Rajya Sabha and the left front protested by walking out of Parliament, but nothing happen to Congress, UPA parties and BJP as all are now singing on the tune of Israel.

This is shame on the face of India as a democratic country, who is standing on the pillars of standing against oppression throughout the history. Whether it is case of self independence, for the people of Palestine or any other country, but conditions are now changed. Israel started cracking down the government components by bribing them and now India is one of the component ally of Israel.

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  • If the article really is about currption then there is really no read to slander israel to proove your point. The entire article reeks of your own political perusation that israel is an evil zionist regime where nothing else is further from the truth. Perhaps you can refer yourself to the statements by the Indian Armed forces which said that the barak missles were good and have been satisfactory but you chose to make it look like the govt of israel is out to destroy the govt of india.

    What really is a shame for india is that despite knowing the Hamas and Hizb openly target civillians and terroize them daily by firing missles onto them hiding behind civillian lines to maximize casualities the govt does not condemn the PLO and the PA as stronly as they should and instead work on pandering to the minorty vote banks.

    Before you slander the only democratic secular country in the Middle East it will do you some good to get your facts right.

  • The CBI press note says : ‘Opinion of the DRDO was over-ruled by the then Defence Minister at the behest of the middleman/agent. The then Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) also colluded with the other accused and put up a note directly to the Defence Minister to import six Barak AMD systems, misrepresenting facts and citing a DRDO concurrence given three years earlier when the indigenous Trishul system was in its initial stages of development and when in fact the CNS had discussed this matter that very day with the then DRDO chief, who had opposed the proposal.

    Well the opinion of the DRDO may well have been ‘over ruled’ by the Defence Ministry, but since when did the DRDO have a say in Defence Deals? DRDO is a research and manufacturing organization; it is not the end all authority to finalize Indian Defence deals.

    The Defence Ministry has all the right to take a decision different from what the DRDO wishes.

    Shouldn’t the DRDO develop platforms that are worthy of the armed forces, rather than complain when the Armed Forces seek to purchase potent systems. DRDO is for the Armed Forces, not viceversa, and the sooner the ‘babus’ at DRDO realize this and become a competent entity the better for us all.

    The CBI press note added further: “The then Defence Minister not only approved the proposal for import of Barak AMD systems, but also tried to get the proposal approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security of the then caretaker Government despite objections by the then Defence Secretary”

    That is how every single defence deal is processed. People might have differing opinions but what was described above was simply official procedure. Why is the CBI press note trying to imply the ex-Minister did anything wrong? If the CBI has information about the kickbacks and middle men, well come out with them, don’t beat the drum all around the media.

    And now let us put the CBI itself under the scanner. Hasn’t it been forever used by politicians to play their dirty games? Anybody who knows anything about the Indian Defence sector will know how important and potent the Barak missiles have been.

    Then why is the Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil directing the CBI to go after the ex Defence Minister Mr. George Fernandes. Is the Home Minister trying to extend his time as Minister by pleasing the Congress Chief Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by playing petty politics and trying to frame her long time rival George Fernandes?

    (Source: http://www.india-defence.com/reports/2598)

    Barak remained the only choice out of 14 companies tried out by the Navy on its three ships INS Brahmputra, Beas and Betwa that were readied for Trishul fitment after the then programme chief A.P.J. Abdul Kalam assured the Government that the indigenous missile would be ready by 1994.

    However, none of the 13 missile systems except Barak could fit in the space made on the ships.

    Indian Defence Ministry sour-ces said scientists from the government’s DRDL missile laboratory in Hyderabad are already working in Israel on the BarakNG program.

    Whats wrong with a system that works – they go against ur personal agenda? Stop spewing trash and focus on facts


  • Chakraborty

    I rubbish this article and I want to say all thet this article is based on personal aggression on Israel.
    Israel is not attacking Palestine without reason.
    If Palestine was in place of Israel and Israel used to do bomb blasts in Palestine by terrorists groups then Palestine would have done the same.
    Any sovereign country will do they same what Israel has done and has been doing.

    I fully support Israel and salute them for the reason they have acted against the evils of man kind.
    God will bless the Israelis for tolerating enough pain and God is with them for teaching these religious blind people good lessons.

    Salute ISRAEL from INDIA.

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