Governance: Air India delays hundreds of passengers

When Arun Shourie as disinvestment minister was selling off Government assets, there was a lot of protest as to why the Government is selling off its assets. But the fact of the matter is, the Government is not the best person to run things such as hotels, airlines, mills, and other such manufacturing and service sectors. Overall, the PSU’s are in a bad state, and it is quite clear that the Government is not exactly very responsive to needs of customer care. For example, when MTNL was the only telecom in Delhi, service levels were real bad; it is only when other telecom companies came on board that service levels improved. Here is another example of a sector that the Government is into, and is doing a pretty bad job in taking care of passengers:

NEW DELHI: At least five Air India flights were delayed by several hours at the Indira Gandhi International airport here on Sunday due to technical problems, causing hardships to about a thousand passengers.
Earlier, peeved over the long delay, the passengers protested at the airport and demanded explanations from the authorities. However, no senior Air India official was present at the airport to pacify the agitating passengers.

The Government really has no business running an airline; airlines run by professionals are sometimes unable to cope with the industry dynamics, and when the company is being run by a Government official or the Minister, then the only thing that saves the airline is when the Government pumps in tax-payer money to save the airline. And yet the level of customer service that they provide is abysmal. In the current case, consumers were not provided information of when the planes will be leaving, they were tired, hungry and not getting the required information and relief. In fact, in this case, a Mizoram Minister also got late for his meetings abroad.
Typically, in the case of such delays, customers are always acquainted with the latest information, are taken care of, and sent to their destination by any alternative as soon as possible. But, when the Airline is being run by the Government, there is really no incentive to be customer friendly.

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