Taslima Nasreen and liberalism in India

It is quite clear that Taslima Nasreen is a person from whom most politicians want to stay away from. So, while the Prime Minister feels for a terrorist’s family suspected of involvement in a terrorist attack in Britain, he is absolutely quiet about the hounding of a writer all over India. This whole attitude is […]

Governance: Air India delays hundreds of passengers

When Arun Shourie as disinvestment minister was selling off Government assets, there was a lot of protest as to why the Government is selling off its assets. But the fact of the matter is, the Government is not the best person to run things such as hotels, airlines, mills, and other such manufacturing and service […]

Consumer Rights: AIIMS to pay Rs. 1 lakh for botched operation

AIIMS is the premier medical institute of India, and although many private hospitals have great doctors and excellent facilities, AIIMS is still seen as the best medical institution of the country. But just as a measure of how even the great ones have to pay for their mistakes, the Delhi State Consumer Court has ordered […]