Governance: Govt trying to restrict courier companies

We always believe in the concept of ‘customer is king’; this also implies that subject to conditions of state security, the Government should not take any measures that compromises on the choices available to consumers. Now, what does one make of Government attempts to protect the Indian Postal Department from the courier companies through imposing […]

Governance: RBI instructs banks about loan recovery procedure

By now, there are numerous cases where banks have indulged in force when trying to recover loans. In many cases, these measures have resulted in humiliation, injuries, hospitalization and sometimes even death of the person being hounded; banks typically claim that they are not responsible for the actions of these recovery agents. The RBI has […]

Not many options for Karnataka Governor

The Governor of Karnataka, Rameshwar Thakur, must be a most worried man. In this time and age, it is clearly understood that the Governor is the man of the Central Government, and hence in this case, the Governor would be seen to be acting in the best interest of the Congress. However, past judgments by […]