Good Governance: Delhi Traffic police lok adalats

In Delhi, handling traffic offenses can be a big deal. Suppose you are doing something like speeding or jumping a red light (as people in Delhi do often), then it is easy to handle. A traffic policeman will catch you, and make you pay a fine on the spot. However, if you are unlucky enough to be noticed by a policeman who is unable to catch you, then you will get a fine posted to your house (to the registration address of the vehicle). There are people who don’t pay up and tear up these challans, but this is an unwise policy since it is illegal, and if ever Delhi traffic police gets its act together, then you can be in serious trouble. A lot of people decide to pay these; however there are problems with this approach. You don’t have a way to challenge these challans unless you are willing to wait for a senior official with the authority to overule the challan, otherwise you make your way to the police station and pay up.
However, Delhi police decided to make this process customer friendly by setting up traffic adalats where you can go and pay your challan, and in addition, they have given a way to locate all challans issued to you. However, this seems to have been a one-time option, but even then, it is a good measure:

In a progressive move to settle pending traffic offence cases, the Delhi Traffic Police constituted five mega lok adalats, which started work on Saturday and would continue on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm at Patiala House, Rohini, Karkardooma and Tis Hazari courts. They would help settle long standing challans for as low as Rs 50. “Around 17,000 people turned up on Saturday alone, at the various courts,” said a senior traffic police official.
Many people jumped into action on Saturday morning after reading in the paper about the special courts. Ashish Mittal, a management student said: “I read the report in the newspaper and checked for challans against me on the Delhi Traffic Police website (delhitrafficpolice.nic.in), by entering my licence plate number and discovered I had two pending challans. I grabbed the opportunity to get rid of this headache and was charged just Rs 50 instead of Rs 900.”

The normal measure for handling a police challan is outlined at this page on the Delhi Traffic Police site, and the normal place to deposit such challan amount by cash / cheque is either of these 3 locations:
1. Teen Murti Traffic Lines, Mother Teresa Crescent, New Delhi
2. Police Station R.K. Puram Sector 12, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
3. DCP/Traffic (Northern Range) Office, Old Police Lines, Court Road, Delhi
In addition to above one can deposit the compounding amount by cheque only for the notices sent to your residence u/s 133 MVA at the following 4 locations:

1. Police Station Shakarpur, Delhi
2. Police Station Keshav Puram (Lawrence Road), Delhi
3. DCP/Traffic (Southern Range) Office, J B Tito Marg, Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi
4. Traffic Training (TT) Park, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

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  • Dear Sir,
    I came today from AHMEDABAD by Spice jet (flight no.106) to DELHI.
    I went to prepaid taxi counter and gave a Rs.500 rupee note he asked me for the luggage (if any) and stood to see my luggage and in the meantime changed the the Rs.500 note with Rs.100 rupee note. After giving me a recipt number “42990” he asked me Rs.260 and showed me the Rs.100 note saying that give the balance. Which he has taken from me it was around 12:10pm. Kindly get counted the cash in the counter and take nessery against the person who was on the counter and cheated me. Kindly register my complain against him.
    Yours Faithfully
    P.K. Singh(G.M. Law MMTC)
    Address: 25 Bannu Enclave,Pitam pura Delhi 110034

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