Good Governance: Not able to set electricity billing right..

Electricity billing is not supposed to be a high-tech area, and something that is being done fairly accurately and successfully by a large number of countries. Hence it seems somewhat strange that we see many cities having billing problems in terms of electricity. Seems like a casual attitude, or maybe not enough control over what is happening. Or maybe the powers be have not taken a good look at the problem to come up with a good solution, instead of keeping on trying to find new solutions. One of the signs of good governance is that So, read on as to what the Pune electricity department has to say about why it cannot do billing properly:

Speaking to TOI, Gautam said that the MSEDCL was in the process of switching over from spot billing system — where bills were issued on the spot after taking meter readings — to digital photo reading in the city. “And this transition was leading to many billing complaints,” he claimed.

He said the new system was expected to reduce complaints about inaccurate readings, leading to inflated bills or issuing bills without taking readings as people entrusted with the job will be pulled up in case of errors.
Asked about instances when consumers had not received bills for years together, despite repeated complaints to sub-division office, Gautam said he will personally intervene in such matters. “Such complaints are supposed to be settled at the sub-divisional level, but if consumers are made to make repeated trips, the matter will be taken seriously,” he said.

Somehow consumers have to listen to speeches like this often, and the reliance they now put on such statements is far less. Citizens have gone apprehensive of the efficiency of Government institutions as well as their concern for normal citizens.

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  • Sheikh

    Speaking about Good Governance, and intergrity. I think the Honourable Minister of Railways must advise the MD International of IRCON to be imparitial in his dealings and conduct of business. In a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia Mr Mohan Tiwari had demostrated sense of “favouritism” and had seen to be too close to one bidder of the Signalling and Systems Portion for the South Double Track Project from Seremban to Gemas.
    Word has it in the industry in Malaysia, Mr Mohan Tiwari had promised the contract for this group, and monetary exchanges are expected via a third party Malaysian Company paying the sum as requested.
    IRCON used to be a professional organisation, but sadly today with the new MD at helm, its becoming an embarrasment to India and also to Malaysia whom had given the South Contract to them. This group will certainly get this south job, and money had certainly change hands.

  • Amirish Patel

    Good Governance is IMPORTANT in every government or government linked companies. However sadly India still lacks it. For example at Ircon International, its full of corruption from the very top..from MD Mohan Tiwari Mohan is a crook..currently he is wokring and getting huge sums of money from Aloke Sinha..who is pushing for Westinghouse to get a Malaysian Railway Job.
    Aloke Sinha was a former Ansaldo STS employee..who had now joined Westhinghouse. Money is being paid to Mohan Tiwari.

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