Happy Independence Day!!

India is 60 years old today. We celebrate the Independence day today. In these 60 years we have achieved quite a lot, most of it in the last 15 years. But, what does Independence or Freedom mean to me?

Freedom to me means not just being free from foreign rule. Rather Freedom to me is

  1. Being able to freely express my thoughts and opinion. Criticize the government and not be persecuted for it. This is the most important to me.
  2. having certain fundamental rights and more importantly, protection by law against any violation of these rights. The text of the Constitution is available here. Fundamental rights are listed from Page 6 in the pdf.
  3. Being able to live a life that I want, not a life that the state or the government wants me to live. This obviously follows from my 2nd point. I’m really glad we went the democratic way and not the communist way.

What does Freedom mean to you? Do you think India is truly a Free nation today or do we have a long way to go to achieve independence in the true sense? Let me know.

1 comment to Happy Independence Day!!

  • Nice blog. Freedom to me is when a citizen trusts the system of governance as a matter-of-fact. I am hopeful we will reach that stage.

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