Remember the 1993 Bombay Riots?

As I wrote previously, the 1993 Bombay blast case trial has finally come to an end. All those convicted in that case have been sentenced. 12 have been given the death sentence and quite a few life sentences. All of us are happy. After 14 long years many of those responsible for that horrendous act on a Friday afternoon of March ’93 have been brought to book. The TV news channels cannot stop talking about the verdict, more so because Sanjay Dutt was convicted. This is a good point to slightly divert from the topic of this post. Here’s an article by T V R Shenoy related to my previous post. It talks about how nobody is above the law and about the priorities of our gazillion news channels.

Getting back to the topic here, I was wondering if justice has really been done. Sure, justice has been done to all those who died in the blast that Friday. Justice has been done to their families and also to the over 700 people who were injured in the blasts. But any of you remember the Sri Krishna Committee report? Haven’t heard of it you say? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. That report has been gathering dust in some corner of some government office, ignored by the governments since 1998. The media is oblivious to it, no wonder you don’t remember it.

Justice Sri Krishna Committee was set up in January of 1993 to probe into the communal riots. Full report is available here (use IE, not firefox). The committee finally submitted it’s report in 1998. Many top police officers of the state were indicted of showing bias towards Hindus. Politicians including Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray were named as responsible for inciting violence. Since then government after government has conveniently ignored the report. No action has been taken against anyone responsible for the riots.

It really is a sad state of affairs. It’s shameful that even the congress, which is in power today in Maharashtra, has turned a blind eye towards the report. Ironically, they are the ones big on Muslim welfare and demand reservations for them everywhere. Let the congress give them justice first! Show that they mean business and truly care for the community. Token reservations to gain votes is not enough. I know it’s too much to expect from the congress government, any government for that matter. Our politician believe in ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’. Shameful. It really is! Where is their moral compass I wonder?

Couple of questions, why is it that a committee investigated into the riots? Why wasn’t the CBI or some other agency probing it? Enquiry committees in Indian politics is just an euphemism for denying justice. The enquiry goes on and on and if it does submit the report the government is in no way obligated to implement its recommendations. An enquiry committee is not a court of law where it’s verdict has to be followed. Quite convenient for the politicians, don’t you think?

14 years and the victims of the riots still await justice. No politician or government is interested in trying to bring to book those involved in perpetrating the violence. We’ve had many more riots after that. Gujrat happened and the congress made a lot of noise about minority rights, protecting the Muslims. We expect the BJP/Shiv Sena to behave in a certain way, but the hypocrisy of the UPA is just disgusting.

Riot victims in our country seem to never get justice. The 1984 Sikh riots, 1993 Bombay riots, and Gujarat riots of 2002, the victims haven’t got justice. Invariably politicians are always involved and they know how to set up enquiry committees, how to stall the reports and manipulate the system to prevent justice or closure to the riot victims.

When the UPA government came to power they promised to bring some kind of law to prosecute those accused of rioting. It’s been three years since, there is no sign of that law. Only such a law, dealing exclusively with riots, would help bring justice to the riot victims. Our politicians need to be made aware that they cannot get away with rioting and killing innocent people. If the Bombay blast accused were terrorist, so are those who involve in mass murder and genocide in the name of religion. We need a system that ensures that not only are the victims of the Bombay blast given justice but also the riot victims of the 1993 riots. Otherwise we will have to see more Bombay blasts in the name of avenging the victims of riots. We’ll see more people moving towards extremism and fundamentalism and terrorism.

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