2 separate stories about the Domestic Violence Law

After the Domestic Violence Law was enacted, there was immense controversy about whether the law would help save the fate of innumerable women who face dowry claims, who face abuse in their households over whether they they give birth to male children vs. female children, and about their overall status in the household. Sadly, a […]

Supreme Court prohibts banks from using force for loan recovery

In a far-reaching judgment that threatens the nature of banks to give out loans to people with a high risk, and then when a high number of such loans fail, use force to recover the money, the Supreme Court came out and said that all banks need to use the process of law to recover […]

RTI enables nurse to get her due

For some time now, people and organizations working to promote the use of RTI as an instrument to bring the babudom in check have been advocating the use of RTI by people in a more wide spread way. Frequent use of RTI for ferreting out information, along with penalizing officials for failure to carry out […]