The crime that was not: Dera Sacha Sauda

I read this news in the morning, and it seemed incredible. The Punjab Government of the Akali Party and BJP has given permission for the prosecution of the head of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

On Wednesday, the Punjab government, acting on a court directive, gave the formal go-ahead for the arrest and prosecution of the Dera Chief, who had invited the ire of the Sikh community for allegedly attiring like Guru Gobind Singh. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal gave his Government’s firm commitment to maintain law and order in the wake of Wednesday night’s developments.

This was extremely strange. For those who have forgotten as to what criminal activity was committed by the leader of the sect, here is the answer. He had committed the sin of dressing like the 10th and last guru of the Guru Gobind Singh and distributing ‘amrit’ (nectar) like the Guru used to do.

For this activity of the head of the sect, there was violence and large-scale tension in the air. The coalition partner, BJP, had actually called on the government to ensure law and order, and peace at all costs. In between, there was escalation when Sikh hardliners pushed hard on the Akal takht to take some action. There was involvement from other religious and social leaders like Swami Agnivesh to try and cool tensions, but there does not seem to be anything that can be done to reverse what has been done.
The Government seems to have buckled down to the hardliners; and there is actually a sub-story. There have been numerous reports of how the younger generation of sikhs have refused to follow all the traditions, including not cutting hair. There is a feeling that the separate culture of Sikhism is getting lost, with numerous sects also coming up and being patronised in rural areas, especially by the section who are not well-off or looked upto.
In such cases, the current issue gives a good way to exploit the situation for hardliners with 2 benefits; get a name of being the true defender of the faith, as well as cut to size a very popular sect. However, this is going against the ethos of this majestic religion as well as the country.
To imagine that dressing up like the last Guru could cause any harm to the religion, or be dis-respectful to the last Guru. We are not like Saudi Arabia, or Iran or Pakistan, where showing disrespect to the religion or prophet is punishable by death. In fact, in this case, just by dressing up like the guru does not make it a crime of showing dis-respect. That is normally the case when you vilify the religion through deeds or words. If you want to see how to cause disrespect to a religion, there is no need to look too far away. One look at Hinduism, where countless people have shown immense disrespect to the religion, and yet it thrives. There is a current dispute about the painter M.F.Hussain painting nude images of Hindu goddesses, and there are numerous people ready to spring to his defense.
In this entire dispute about the Sikhism versus the Dera Sacha Sauda, I have not seen similar defense of the sect head. He is entitled to wear what he wants, to give amrit to whoever he wants. Take action if he does something that shows up Sikhism to ridicule or says something against the Gurus, but the current dispute is for no reason.

6 comments to The crime that was not: Dera Sacha Sauda

  • khalsa dhanna jat

    And ram rahim ordered his followers to kill newspaper editor and another dera follower ranjit singh. Definitely not a character of a pure saint.

    And ram rahim will never admit his wrong doings because he is afraid of sentences.

    A true ram rahim will normally admit the truth in advance without sacrificing thousands of innocent lives.

    Dera chief and his close corrupt congress relatives Jassi involved in Ludhiana scam now own all the dera properties. In future there will be a dera scam too.

    God is punishing dera chief because of his wrong doings. His negative publicity and his every day to day his action watched and punished by god as you can see. CBI is after him, Sikh community all over the world is now against him and looking for justice. It is all because god wants to put him into these kind of circumstances. Can’t you see?

    Dera chief is with the charges of rapes, sexual molestation, killing innocent people and is a cold blood murder.

    Dera followers are nice people but they are unable to see God’s punishment. I would like to advice all the sisters and brothers in dera to come out and seek for truth. Look at some of the statements made recently openly by of the dera representatives i.e. a given day in media they will say we have 2.5 crore followers, next day 1.5 crore. Why they are lying openly for such a small thing? Who cares if dera has 20 billion followers or 2 followers? Point is about representing the truth and the true statements in media. It’s a small example but there are millions out there. Just don’t lie please. When you lie or exhaustrate then you are not following the path of truth, god.

    Because when ram rahim and his followers will admit the truth deep in his/their heart then everything will become fine.

    Because at the end God is watching him.

  • rose.insan

    mr. dhanna yeh to tughe thora late shi pr pta lg jayega ki GOD kisko punish krne wala hai. MALIK KE GHAR DER HAI ANDHER NHI MR. DHANNA.

  • khalsa dhanna jat

    Well I am not here to prove that i am better than you guys. Truth is truth and that’s what told in every religion i.e follow the path of truth.

    Ram rahim has committed some crimeS or sins, it is OK, Whole world knows about it and Nothing wrong with it.

    If his followers are saying that ram rahim never did that then they are lying and not willing to accept the truth.

    But only difference lies between GOD and an ordinary person is truth.

    If he is an ordinary person like us then he will continue to admit the truth.

    If he is GOD then he will admit that ram rahim has killed some people or committed some sins.

    and Then whole world will follow him.

  • khalsa dhanna jat

    If ram rahim is an ordinary person like us then he will not admit his sins.

    If he is GOD then he will admit that he is the killer.

    and Then whole world will follow him.

  • Rehmat

    Always look at others positive points first, and i found we are too little to comment on this topic and he seems to be a great saint. I am watching this issue from the starting and it seems that there is nothing in it and Punjabi poticitian makes it hot again and again after few days.

  • Rehmat

    we know nothing and start commenting here just to time-pass. You know, during last few months (from the day this issue raised by sikh people), everybody who belongs to sikh community write something bad, started using dirty slangs etc against that Saint. But they forget gurbani where it is mentioned that NEVER SAY ANYTHING BAD TO ANYBODY particularly SAINTS.
    This is because they never follow Gurbani and only doing drama. They never read HOLY Granth by their own. They never do the prayer to solve the issue. They tried to raise the issue.
    It seems that they do not either have any leader (spritual) who shows they right path or they are too wild/blind to understand what gurbani is saying.

    I personnely feel too bad that media also encaurage unsocial people to get popularity and gain money by giving false news agian anf again.

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