Mayawati’s money on a politician’s salary

It just cannot get more brazen than this. Mayawati, a chief minister is from humble upbringin, and not known to have a rich uncle who died and left her a fortune in her will. So consider her ‘declared‘ wealth – she has a total holding of Rs. 52.5 crore. This is an incredible amount of money, and I am sure that Mayawati is not a big player in the stock market or a property builder, so how would she make that amount of money ?
In a word, corruption of the greatest order. Read some of these details:

UP chief minister Mayawati’s wealth has grown by over 400% in the last three years. While filing her papers for the Lok Sabha election in 2004, she had declared her assets at a little over over Rs 11 crore. And now, as reported by TOI on Tuesday, she has declared in a sworn affidavit that her wealth amounts to Rs 52.5 crore.
On April 4, 2004, when Mayawati filed for contesting from the Akbarpur Lok Sabha seat, she declared that she owned four houses — all of them at Inderpuri (C-57, 58, 74 and 75) in Delhi — which were cumulatively worth 1.25 crore. This time, she has declared some prime pieces of property in Delhi — one of them on Sardar Patel Marg, an exclusive locality abutting the Capital’s diplomatic enclave. According to her, this alone is worth Rs 18 crore, although real estate agents place its market value at much higher. The rest are commercial properties in the city — two in Connaught Place, worth Rs 3.3 crore, and another in Okhla, worth Rs 15.5 crore.

As the excerpt shows, she has managed to acquire some additional property worth Rs. 40 crores in 3 years, and she has obviously not shown any sales of some big asset to finance the purchases of these properties. These properties are obviously new acquisitions, and seemingly difficult to do on a MP’s salary.
These are examples of gross corruption, and she has the guts to declare these properties, and what has given her the guts to make such declarations. The positively inept Congress Government. I no longer believe Manmohan Singh to be a honest person, he is as bad a politician as any. A person is honest not only by himself, but by his actions. And the Prime Minister is behaving like as venal a politician as any other. He has accepted criminals in his cabinet, has behaved like a total poodle in the manner of letting Quatrochi go scot-free, connived in the dismal actions of his Governors such as Buta Singh, let the election of the President get into a loyalty game, and allowed his current useless Governor of Uttar Pradesh to refuse to give permission to prosecure Mayawati in the Taj case.
And now this, the Chief Minister of the country’s most populus state is openly declaring her corruption, and he will refuse to get involved in any way. He will be remembered for inaction in the face of corruption of the polity.

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    Maya wati chalisha

    Jai jai mayaa maharaanee, tumahree kirpaa na jaay bakhaanee,
    Tumhraa naam jape harijam saraa, tum unakee ho taaran haaraa,
    Sab tumhree hai karay barai, tum unakee ho kaalee mai,
    Tum gungan kee kariw khichai, apraadhin kaa jail pathai,
    Jo tumhse hai karay larai, unko jail diyo pahuchai,
    Unch neech jas gunde saare, tum unako kinho pichwaare,
    Jitanee rahee fauz dhan saaraa, tum unako sab deen bigaaraa,
    Unakee ijjat maatee me kinhaa, unase chheen talaab bhee linhaa,
    Pahale jo the atayachaareel, unakee aay gayee balihaaree,
    Ab un sab na karay larai, sabse rakhay mail milayee.
    Aise rajya chalay kaa chahee, phir jantaa kaa chintaa nahee,
    Hamrav ek vinay hai maayaa, hamre uppar kardo daayaa,
    Diyo kahi par noukaree dilayee, tumharo gun jiwan bhar gayee,
    Tum jantaa kaya karaw bhalayee, sabse rakho mail meelayee,
    Tumharee kurshee phir jay na paye, sabkee jamanat jabt hoi jaye,
    Sada karaw jantaa kay sewaa, sab kaa milay dudh awa mewaa,

    Dohaa- jai jai mayawati sadaa karo kalyaan,
    u.p kee jantaa kaa Rakhanaa hardam, dhayaan,

  • ,,,?,sarkar kaa kartabya kyaa hai?,,,,

    samast Manaw jati ne mil kar ke ek shashak ki rachna kiya kyo rachna kaar har ek me nipur hai , our bhagya shali bhee hai, to manaw samaj ne ushe shashak niyukti kia, wah shashan karne laga, lekin jab ham use niyukiti kar rahe to ham sab yahi soche ki raja bane our apna kartabya nibhaye,raja ke sath jitane sadasya hai , we bhee bhagyashali hai, our chune gaye, lekin sarkar jab ban jati hai, to usake paas bhee bahut samay nahi hota hai, our wah kuchh bhoolane lagta ,our janta ka khyaal kam de pata hai, lekin jo apna kartabya samajhate ,hai we nirantar pyas karte hai, our achchha kaam bhee karte hai, janta wah wah kartee hai, lekin aaj ki sarkaar aapne bipakshi par juti hai, our bipaksh par prahaar karti hai, use apanaa kartabya nibhaanaa hai, use apane desh ki tarakki ke baare me sochataaa hai, lekin yah bhee kahana galat nahi, ki aaj ke sarkaar ke sadasya yah bhool gaye, ki garibi kyaa hai, our sabhaa kyaa hai, samaj kyaa, inhe to aapna our apane sage sahyogi ki tarakki ki soch hai, jo bhavisya ke liye, khatarnaak bhee sabit ho sakata hai, abhi baate ki jaaye, bihar baadh se prabhit hai, likin uttar pradesh bhee hone wala hai, kyo adhik barsaat huyi to mahakaal aa sakta hai, lekin na to rajya ki sarkaar our kendra ki sarkarchinchit hai, kyaa hogaa. desh ka kaise rahe ge, log
    aane waalaa shigra hai, bahut bara bhudol ,,,,
    sare pag par fail gai,,mahgai,,ki aag,,neta log mast huye hai, sawan me gawat faag,,inaki byaathaa ko sun kar naache gaa, har log… mai puchhataa hoo, tumaraa mere prati kartabya kyaa hai,,, jabab dijiye

  • PS

    Well this is nothing but a nude dance of our political leaders & we are nothing but fools to see our own money being misutilised by an idiot ruling on behalf of a buntch of Idiots…

    Its a proven fact in History that only Dictators get their own mouments bulit during their lifetime & Mayawati is one good example of the same…

    Will ever a group of saner people rise against this bull shit & get these god-damn leaders, with no social agenda but just dividing society on cast & religion, on road & beat the hell of them…

    These are really a return of devils’ age & so called leaders like Mayawati, Mulayam, Amar Signh & likes are the precarnation of the same…

    They should be thrown out of the country..

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